Case Study

Covid Impact on Food Delivery Services

Ireland's first super app, Instaapp is your go-to place for groceries and food delivery that offers instantaneous high-quality picks and drop services.


Dealing in the food and grocery delivery facilities throughout Ireland, Instazap is very much the top-rated and high-quality service that quickly gained recognition through its pick and drop conveniences. Although, food delivery services and food delivery professionals faced various challenges during the two years of Covid history.

Market Trends

The latter part of the challenge got better when the Irish Road Haulage Association consulted with the Minister for Transport and addressed them with how mainstream the delivery professionals have stayed during the last year. They not only stayed mainstream but in fact acted as frontline workers, where they kept everything else aside and focused on timely deliveries all across Ireland regardless of restrictions, their personal concerns, or even their health. Integnix backed up this fact by cutting down on isolation time for delivery professionals so that the staff could continue working to meet the growing delivery system developed and stretched all over Ireland.

Challenge Encountered

The past year was heavy on the food delivery professionals in Ireland as they happened to migrate to Northern Ireland in search of better payouts and bonuses. They were in dire need of improved health benefits as well as increased payouts to meet the recent inflation and rise in the cost of living caused due to Covid.

However, 2022again brought COVID challenges where businesses were put into shackles. Instazap also faced dire consequences for its delivery professionals who had to face halt due to new Covid restrictions placed within the Irish population. The implementation of revised Covid limitations at the beginning of the year was set up which limited the truck drivers to observe contact and isolation rules just like everybody else. This stopped food deliveries and created an immense shortage of human resources resulting in food and essentials not reaching the Irish population on time.

Solutions to overcome the challenge

For the former part, Integnix was quick to point out where they were lacking, and quickly introduced proper loyalty bonuses and health insurance plans for personnel. The idea worked like a charm and swarms of professional drivers and delivery workers canceled their trip to the outskirts of Northern Ireland.

Furthermore, to make the services as well as the workforce more enticing, Integnix introduced improvements in the overall application interface for both consumers and employees. This included but wasn’t limited to the interface as well as the functioning through the expertise of backend and front-end developers.

This not only made the app more user-friendly but also responsive. All previously observable lags were cut down, and the animation during page changes was made simpler and swifter while still retaining its eye-candy features. However, this was just the start to a greater beginning for Instazap as soon measures were taken to automate the app regarding its customer area and order tracking functionalities.

This required Integnix to focus and build a logic-based sandbox/module. Thus allowing and enabling customers and delivery professionals to keep updated through a central database that managed both payments and inventory. While the challenge was daunting, nevertheless with a never-back down attitude, our will and ability paved the way for our success.Instazap is now the talk of the town because of its ability to instantaneously manage inventory prescriptions and able to deliver a quick bill for consumers as soon as they select its products.

Future Insights

Looking at the proposal of Amazon, where they wanted to spread their delivery network through the possibility of drone delivery technology, Instazap could also follow their lead. However, this would require proper clearance and permission from the air force authority of Ireland to utilize such technologies to improve the services beyond their current limitations.