Case Study

Challenges in the Financing world

Hub of financial and business experts, Accoure dominates Ireland’s competitive financial market through its extraordinary skillful business, accounting, and financial consultancy services.


Irelands’ financial sector is widespread and globally acclaimed. It is a home to more than 400 financial service companies and ACCOURE is one of them. Accoure leads thorough excellence that it has achieved over the years in business and financial consultancy, accounting, taxation, and financial reporting. With countless businesses that got benefited from Accoure’s consultancy facility, Accoure aims to become one of the most renowned business consultancy firms and hubs to financial services that supersede expectations of international clients. The dedicated team of Accoure has helped many startups by managing their finances for them and enable them to grow and become a renowned company in the world such as Innoenhance and InstaApp.

Challenge encountered:

The start of 2020 was unexpected and unanticipated for financiers worldwide. It was the most challenging time financial individuals observed after a long break. The same went through Ireland’s financial market as they observed a historic decrease in business stability and steadiness. One of the major reasons for it was the Covid restrictions that made it difficult for new business ventures to come up, as well as made it problematic for the current businesses to exist and grow.

Accoure also observed a decrease in clientele as digital solutions started to overcome the financial service market. This is when Integnix stepped in to rescue Accoure from this binding decrease that took over the entire financial market due to Covid restrictions, low trade opportunities, decreased exchange of business transactions, all resulting in low profits and returns.

Solutions to overcome the challenge:

Integnix has always stayed ahead when it comes to meeting challenges and creating opportunities. Carrying the same vision for Accoure, Integnix supported the idea of digital transformation through tech research and advancement that supports innovation as well as data analysis and storage to improve ROI. This miraculously uplifted Accoure’s current work and helped it dominate the financial service market through brilliance and novelty.

Another the biggest challenge for any financial firm is to understand the financial situation of the countries where they operate. The day-to-day change in financial situation especially the drastic fall of global economy, has pushed various companies towards bankruptcy. To deal with this challenge, the locals-based teams to manage the local clients for each operating country is designed to have a keen knowledge for changing financial trends in the country.

Market Trends:

Financial institutions and organizations look forward to breaking the barriers that Covid generated for them in the last two years. With the business sector adversely getting affected for the past two years, financial markets also observed a downfall. However, to end the reign of the business difficulty, financial investors are too ambitious and positive about starting afresh to give room to businesses to develop. Hence added requirement of business consultancy and financial services is expected to grow at a faster pace than the past five years as business stability and progress have set its foot worldwide. Ireland now observes an improved tax system that has allowed the tax rate to increase. In addition to it, new professional career-oriented individuals are predicted to migrate for better future growth.

Future Insights

According to a news report, Ireland is expected to grow exponentially in the financial sector by the year 2025. With this being said, countless data insights support the prediction, which is why a huge list of investors are rethinking their investment prospects for the next three to four years. With Ireland becoming a financial hub, there are endless opportunities that await on a national and international level as they can positively create a global impact too. The improved tax system, skilled individuals’ immigration, and business stability are some of the few reasons to create a better economic impact in Ireland.

However, Ireland’s government strategy to undo the Covid damaging impact has still much work that needs to get done in the right place, by the right people, and through the right strategies.