Case Study

Amronix Contribution in Renewable Energy

Amronix is the leading name in Ireland's energy sector that works and promotes energy efficiency through the use of tech for cost-effective, low-consumption energy ways.


Amronix came into existence to help the people of Ireland rethink energy resources and consumption. It passionately aims to build an energy realm that is filled with innovative, user-friendly products and services which work with a constant emphasis on reduced energy cost and consumption. Integnix supported the idea and brought forward its data-driven designs and work processes by efficient use of technology to drive the concept of sustainability and let people apply it in their lives.

Current Market Trends

The consumption of electricity and energy during the winter of 2021 in Ireland led the government to plan out and implement new policies that would reconsider the demands of the people. The data support the idea to build new power plants that would in turn meet the rising demand of energy consumption. It is why new plans and proposals are now being created in Ireland along with RESS 2 and Grid Development plans to empower the energy sector to accept the proposals of new investors.

Challenge encountered

The energy sector as a whole in Ireland observed some rises and falls during the last year. Likewise, Amronix experienced delays in many energy projects for several reasons, one being the global lockdowns. The operations at various Amronix energy sites all over Ireland went through halts or delays which weren’t quite favorable. It cost them time and budget that were beyond preset limits as contractors were unable to get their hands on construction activities, supply chain stoppages, and low service availability.

Another challenge that Amronix encountered during 2020 was the implementation of the EU’s Clean Energy Package in Ireland. The package altered the electricity markets in Ireland including added balance responsibility to small energy generation projects, removal of priority dispatch, compensation for dispatch, upgrade in calculation methods, limited carbon dioxide emissions, and more.

Solutions to overcome the challenge

With challenges came opportunities. Integnix figured out that the current energy demand in Ireland is moving at a pace that will soon be difficult to catch up with. The prevailing energy trend in Ireland clearly defines energy consumption, whereas the Covid situation decreased the startups of new energy projects. But taking this as an opportunity to behold, Amronix with the help of Integnix proposed the idea of educating the world about IoT, energy insights, storage solutions, and renewable energy solutions to change the way the Irish population thought about energy before.

To add on, Integnix facilitated Amronix into offering services to their current clients instead of opening new ventures. This energy efficacy by Amronix through smart marketing and promotional activities instigated the thought to be energy smart at home and every place else.

As time flew by, the revised RESS 2 plan and Grid Development policies came forward as the breakthrough for new investors and energy contractors that had intentions to stay in the energy market in Ireland.

Future Insight

With RESS 2(Renewable Electricity support Scheme) launching soon and Grid Development policies taking charge, countless opportunities await for investors, contractors, and entrepreneurs in Ireland by 2023. Ireland presently aims to uplift its renewable energy target and increase it by 80%. With this being said, the energy transition is foresighted to be a big success as it intends to cut down on environmental effluences by working alongside the Climate Action Plan 2021. The auction targets new energy projects and wish to benefit them with roadmaps that enable them to optimize the existing energy grid through a tech infrastructure that supports a similar idea.