Case Study

Integnix & Fikkar Efforts for Betterment of Pakistan

A vision to create a better world, Fikkar Foundation lays down the roots that aim to instill empathy, care, compassion, and empowerment for every being on this planet Earth.


Fikkar Foundation is a charitable organization that was founded in Pakistan for the sole purpose to extend empathy, compassion, and care towards every living being on this planet. The thought behind the creation of the organization was largely developed to give rise to confidence, resilience, liberation, and a feeling of a free spirit to everyone. The organization works to empower individuals through provisions of education, health, and basic needs that can make a man do more than he thought he could.

Challenge Encountered

Pakistan is a developing country that faces countless challenges on a universal level from economic to political, religious to financial, security troubles, and many more. Even though Pakistan struggles to cope with its national challenges every day, the history of charities has remained at great generosity levels ever since the independence of the country. Pakistan proudly contributes 1% or more of its GDP to charitable purposes but one of the major challenges that charitable organizations in Pakistan face is the preference to donate to individuals rather than organizations.

Market Trends

It was observed during a research study conducted that Pakistanis prefer to donate to individuals instead of contributing at a larger level. The trend currently results in approx. 67% charities given to individuals whereas only an approx. of 33% of individuals favored to donate to charitable organizations.

The first reason for this trend to last is the easy accessibility of individuals for small cash donations made on regular basis. The second reason is the personal and religious affiliations that affect the charities made. Most of the general public favor sects and groups that belong to their school of thought which inclines them towards making individual charities. The third reason which accounts for most of the charity trends to stay constant is the mistrust in Pakistani charitable organizations. Lack of education, the role of religious and political leaders, and sect-based inclination are responsible for fewer donations to charitable organizations across the country.

Solutions to overcome the challenge

Integnix had a deep respect and appreciation for the work of the Fikkar Foundation. With the greater vision Fikkar Foundation carries to empower individuals to live their lives freely with necessities covered for them, it became evident that the organization is more than just charity. It wishes to instigate the thought to care, share, empathize and show compassion from human beings to animals and Mother Earth.

Likewise, Intgenix began its work from website development to marketing to social media platforms and connected to the viewers through the creation of digital messages that began to spread like fire. With this on the go, it also started to inspire the youth to keep a check on their activities that revolve around stability and constant provision of necessities to create an impactful society. Blogs, news, and digital content soon revealed the true picture for Fikkar Foundation which started to strengthen its position in terms of donations.

Future Insight

With the institutionalization and restructure of the giving power of individuals, Pakistan can promote a better civil future and a stable economy on international levels and promote its talents more on international platforms. This can create excellent educational and entrepreneurship opportunities for Pakistani nationals worldwide, improve their currency value and promote the message of charity through examples being set for the greater good.