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To Whom Integnix Offers Services

Whether it is RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for a warehouse or the development of a private Blockchain for data integrity, Integnix is ready and fully equipped to help your venture irrespective of your industry. Over the years we have refined our skills and continue to learn and evolve with time.

At present we are able to assist clients from a wide range of industries, including but not limited to aerospace, automotive, banking, consumer goods, marketing, media, retail, health, and travel, to mention just a few. With us, you receive a reliable support system that is focused on your cause and help you accomplish set goals in a timely manner with surgical precision.

Our Industries

We help automotive companies to drive efficiencies, unlock new value, enhance the customer experience and create new business models.

Aero Space & defense

With the evolution of aerospace and defense as one, we deal in innovation, tech, and solutions to bring about the best design, development, and manufacturing of aerospace and defense systems to meet the global competition through digital transformation.


We shield all automotive activities involved in manufacturing, development, marketing, and sale of vehicles through value addition, creativity, and tech advancement to reshape the industry embrace change that attracts success.


Adopting digital transformation in the banking sector, we keep in the loop all financial aspects, institutions, economic trends, risk analysis, and banking systems to devise great banking solutions for every business to save the big profit share that once belonged to the global banking sector.

Capital marketing

We promote capital trading in markets through digital forums to reshape capital markets into tech-based markets and be a limitless digital value chain so that capital strategies and insights attain next-level operations and competence.


We devise effective marketing plans for chemical businesses to help them reach new customers and ensure safe business operations from industry to printing to distribution. We promote a viable sustainable future for chemical companies by instigating resourcefulness and expertise in the field.

Communication & media

We work to make communications and media platforms an unstoppable force that drives customers to share experiences and stay in connection with all businesses, at all stages so that the businesses know their potential growth areas.

Consumer goods & services

Consumers have taken over brands and businesses. Consumer satisfaction, their buying process, and feedback have given room to rethink business and invest in new business models, customer demands, value addition, deliverables, and building a purpose for your brand.

High tech

Empowering business to transform through tech, innovation, and digital presence is one aspect we work on. We help brands to create and share experiences, expand operations and scale up profits through a digital evolution that focuses on creating values.


We believe healthcare should be accessible to all. To make it happen, we work hand in hand with healthcare system providers to offer access, experience, and results to all by adding smart cloud-based solutions, enhancing productivity and functions, and improving the healthcare facility for all.

Life science

Medical depends on innovation, science, and novelty to influence lives that can create constructive impacts. We help people and businesses understand the idea of medical expertise and advancement that leads towards medical inventions through our services of consultancy, approach, and medical operations.


Retail has to go through continuous changes to observe growth. To make good profits, the retail sector has to focus on going digital, acquiring talent, managing data, and connecting with the right sources and we help them build this culture through correct planning.


The travel business has become one of the leading profitable businesses if taken the right way. We encourage businesses to inculcate creativity, digitalization, and uniqueness to promote and market any travel business that offers extraordinary experiences to succeed in the market.

Our Services

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