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Instazap, Ireland’s first super app, directed and led by Integnix is one of the most successful mentions in the list of completed projects by Integnix. From entire website design and development to mobile app development, responsiveness to functionality, and effective marketing, Integnix operated every task with full commitment and diligence.

Instazap clearly outlines the tech side of the business thriving in the industry because it offers ease of function, customer satisfaction, and improved user experiences, all leading to greater outcomes for the business. Instazap is now marked as one of the leading food delivery and grocery services all over Ireland.

Fikkar Foundation

Fikkar Foundation is more than a project or business. It started off as an idea, a philosophy, a belief, and a set of values that Integnix proudly presents to the world as its accomplished work. Beginning with inculcating the thoughts to ourselves, Fikkar Foundation was led and directed with the message to SERVE. It was engaged as a program that is established to serve humanity through countless ways that can facilitate all beings on the planet, and the mother planet too.

Integnix managed operations, promotions, website building, logo designing, graphics, content, social media and all that enables Fikkar Foundation to spread the message to serve humanity by limitless means.


Accore came out as one of the leading financial entities designed and created under work by Integnix. The company runs financial and accounting services, financial reporting, and taxation services that are matchless across all platforms. Integnix understood the concept of Accore to act as a financial organization that is solution-oriented and delivered some of the best digital outcomes and services to help Accore stand out in the competition.

Integnix aims to make Accore the world’s most important platform for business consultancy to help businesses take lead in competitive markets through cost-effective strategies, improved finance, and tax systems, as well as accounting services that deliver quality results.

Amronix energy

Energy drives economies all over the world. Amronix has surpassed all expectations that exist within the energy market and Integnix takes pride to have run projects that talk about the world being energy smart. With motives to save the planet, cut down energy costs and manage energy consumption, Integnix fulfilled its promise to deliver the best of work for Amronix.

Amronix exists to lead in educating and innovating the world on how to be energy efficient in totality. It focuses on renewable energy solutions, storage solutions, and energy optimization concerning IoT and energy insights. From solar panel installation to the latest tech-based energy way-outs, their expertise is profoundly exhibited through marketing, promotional, and web development services by Integnix.


Grocery and food are everybody’s story. InstaMart took Integnix’s consideration when it promised to deliver everything that is fresh and wholesome, but most importantly, instantly.

InstaMart grew into Integnix’s thriving projects that talk about instant deliverables at your doorstep and Integnix left no stones unturned to make it happen at the best of its ability. With the grocery and delivery sector growing exponentially, Integnix took hold of the competition by offering InstaMart with some of its finest solutions that supercharged InstaMart’s existence during the pandemic times. It helped cut down grocery errands, save time and maintain distancing protocols set globally for a safer world.

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