We Are More Than Just Technology!

We Are A Tech World With Imagination, Invention, And Ingenuity!

Integnix creates human experiences filled with ingenuity. We hold values that are human-centered and result-driven to shape narratives that create strong, enduring connections all around the world.

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We work together across the globe to make a world of difference.


Ireland's first super app, Instaapp is your go-to place for groceries and food delivery that offers instantaneous high-quality pick and drop services.


Amronix is the leading name in Ireland's energy sector that works and promotes energy efficiency through the use of tech for cost-effective, low-consumption energy ways.


Hub of financial and business experts, Accoure dominates Ireland’s competitive financial market through its extraordinary skillful business, accounting, and financial consultancy services.

Fikkar Foundation

A vision to create a better world, Fikkar Foundation lays down the roots that aim to instill empathy, care, compassion, and empowerment for every being on this planet Earth.


Intellects that determine your path to success!

To lead our organization to accomplishment, intellects at Integnix create lasting impressions as a trail to be followed by others.

Reveal your true potential to
welcome endless opportunities.
Rethink your career visions with us!
Your career launches with us. We transform your career visions by functioning on your strengths and skills to navigate your path to achievement.
We connect people and ideas to technology to form success stories about innovation and invention.
Let’s rethink values and elevate positivity to the next level.
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“Integnix is using cutting edge technology & processes to empower communities, brands & businesses of all sizes. We care immensely about how what we do have a socio-ecological impact globally.”

Amin Sheikh

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